If You Think Bachata is Boring…

If you think Bachata is boring, I’m sorry to say, but you are not doing it the right way… 

If you think Bachata is too close, too hot and too saucy, it’s ok, you’re doing it the right way. But you’re just not ready for it yet.

Followers have a huge advantage in this regard because Bachata is easier than other Latin rhythms; all we have to do is follow. Ladies that know their basics and dance with a proper Bachatero (rider or not) will get it straight away. 

The Bachata dance itself can go two ways: The guy might get slapped at the end of the dance, or the lady might just melt away. By the end of one song, you will know it, all can change.

I am now quite used to such comments from ladies, “Oh, I don’t like Bachata. It’s boring.” 

This usually occurs in the middle of a party or club. My job is so easy! I tell them:

‘See that guy right there? Ask him to dance. At the end of the song you come back and tell me what you think.’

‘What’s his name?’

‘No idea, we just call him the Red Dragon.’

The lady goes on her mission. After the Bachata song she comes back to me and says the exact same thing they all say….

‘You know what? I think I like Bachata.’

Of course on these particular missions I only send women who have enough self-assurance to not slap the guy at the end of the song… or in the middle… or right when he grabs her for a close dance. This is not a dance for the naive or beginners.

To come back to what I was saying before, girls can get all that there is to bachata in one song, not just the technique, or the steps, and surely the “not-boringness”.

The guy has a much harder job, he needs make it happen, even if he dances with a lady that knows how to do it, he might not get it first-off but that is one of the beauties of the couple dance. It’s all up to the guys. Ladies, we just follow.

To finish off, I know what you’re thinking… If you are a lady you’re thinking: “Who’s the Red Dragon?”

And guys you’re either thinking one of two things:

If you think Bachata is boring , you are thinking ‘What am I missing?’

If you love Bachata, you are thinking ‘Am I the Red Dragon?’

My advice on the guys on how to discover who the “Red Dragon” is, ask as many of us girls to dance Bachata as you can. Only a few of us have this precious information. And dance as well as you can.

Ladies! Don’t tell! We will get more and better dances this way! It may be that it is all a trick, then again maybe not.

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