An Angel at Last

I had so much fun performing with Tony Lara’s team at the Sydney International Bachata Festival 2009! The theme of the choreo and music is “Angels” and we looked very angelic indeed in our white costumes.

I was especially smiley because it was my “coming back” performance. After fracturing a bone (fell off a horse in January) I couldn’t do it at the Sydney Salsa Congress and I felt more than happy to have a chance to show months of training on stage.

Performing for me is a metaphysical experience, it’s a connection with major illuminating forces, with the Universe, with the mainstream Energy of life; Dressed as an Angel of all things, even more!

Although I have to tell you: those bachata angels are a bit naughty. My mom called and asked only one thing after seeing the video on Facebook:

‘Are Angels supposed to be sexy?’

To my fellow Angel Dancers: she thought we were very sexy, woohoo! After all, it is bachata!

So I was there smiling my teeth out to the public.

However, being there doesn’t give you the truth about of the whole group, you can only feel yourself and people right beside you.

I know my partner and I were ok, no mistakes, smiling to each other, he even remembered to look at me at the bachatango step, so all we were fine.

Then I saw the video, the whole group dancing, all six couples, and I went: WOW!

It is not a hard routine, it doesn’t have acrobatics and many hard‐funky steps. It was soft, and beautiful, and sexy, and lovely and we looked clean and oh so nice! It was such a surprise, because it was the first video I saw of the whole group and it impressed me, I was proud and happy to be part of it.

Congratulations my Angels!

We rocked! I mean we Bachated!

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