Open Mindedness Galore

I am equally comfortable talking to a hard core scientist as I am with a reincarnated psychic astrologer, and I believe, most ardently, in both their rights of believing whatever they want.
I noticed this week that I was listening to a course about skepticism and how to improve thinking processes with the same eagerness I listen to the possibility of the existence of aliens in the Universe.
I enjoy being open to the possibility of mysteries, aliens, ghosts, multiple dimensions, universes and timelines, imagining there could be another me who is already a full time writer, and so many other possibilities. Would there be another world where the first contact has already been established? Ah, the wonderful world of imagination!

On the other hand, I’m not easily duped, not prone to believing in conspiracies, fake news or falling in cults, even though I believe in positive energies, alignments of planets, power of goddesses, and much of that crap (smile).
I think I accept more than I exclude, but it doesn’t mean I can be manipulated or believe blindly. Just means I’m open to ideas, even if I don’t know if they are real. I can see they could be real, or I can make them real in a book.

Narrative Ghosts

I’ve noticed that we carry ghosts with us, all the time, hundreds of them. More, if we have narrative minds.
There’s the boy from fifth grade that was going to notice you, and hold your hand; the audition that you were going to master and be chosen as the soloist and that would change your path forever, and so many others.
They happen at the moment people make a decision, different from the one you want, and your fantasies created another path for them — in your spirit — and a ghost is born, tethered to your soul.
You are surrounded. Let them go…

Lucifer & the amazon

If Lucifer comes up to me and says “what do you desire?”

“Me? Right now?”

“Yes…’ he is a bit irritated with my lack of immediate response and insists ‘what do you most desire?’

His eyes burrow deep in mine, with that intense vampiric hypnotic look.

‘Well… in fact,’

‘Tell me, tell me your needs…’ he looks sexy.

I’m decisive now. I know what I want. ‘Many, many, many, reviews.’

‘Reviews?’ he is thrown off his game, forgets about the intense look. ‘For your soul, what do you want for your soul?’

‘I told you. Reviews. Amazon Reviews. Great, independent, unhinged, unbiased, uninhibited, five star, reviews.’


‘That I can get, but reviews… seriously, no money can buy. And since I’m giving my soul for it, I want many, in all my books.’

I fail on a daily basis to watch the news

I received this message last night from my friend:

“I know you aren’t much into politics, just so you know, Australia’s got a new Prime Minister.”

Not much into politics is a major understatement. I can say I am alienated in an intellectual way. I don’t watch, or read, or listen to the news if I can avoid it. In general, my news are a couple of years old, when the major events appear in published books.

I felt very grateful to have friends that alert me when something major is happening so I can reconnect with reality.

To maintain my stream of interesting issues to talk about, I connect with story tellers, with things like Ted talks, podcasts, audio books, going to events and lectures and even watching high quality drama (no reality tv permitted in any way).

I simply cannot stand the journalistic style of writing, I cannot find the energy or the will to read or view the news. Maybe it comes from the trauma of having lived in a third world country where the news are a string of atrocities or injustices, I’m not sure.

But today I made an exception to see what was going on in my country. I went to ABCs news podcasts and clicked on all the ones from today and yesterday about the change of the Prime Minister. It was hilarious because there are all these interviews from yesterday and they talk to many people who categorically affirmed “they are all rumours, there is no truth in any of that, we will be in power at least for another year” and about six hours later the exact opposite happened.

Watching the news knowing what comes next might be fun.