Over the Moon

I feel “Over the Moon” with the release of my first e-book at Amazon.com.

Fio da Meada, at Amazon.au, at Amazon.com, at Amazon.br

It is a very big deal for me, although, people that have done the same could say it is easy, anyone can write a book and upload it to be sold at Amazon. It isn’t hard. 

However, the journey to have a book with a quality you feel is marketable is not so simple. It was a great adventure but a lot of work too.

It has been years and years I have been moving in this direction, doing things in order to get here. I feel I can allow myself to be proud of my achievement. 

I have risked a lot, migrated, worked very hard, pursued never thought of avenues (such as doing a pastry course), to get to this point. 

My expectations are only to change the world through my writing… do you think it is too huge a dream? Well, I believe in huge dreams and small miracles. 

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