Apocalypse – The Best News of the Year! 

They say the world is going to end on 2012! According to the Mayan prophecies. Such good news! Now you have the perfect excuse to make all your dreams come true. Go crazy, risk, enjoy, change your life. Sure you have to be prepared in case the world doesn’t end, like leaving some reserves, keeping the properties and not going into debt. But other than that, you have to get at least a third of your dreams in life! Do all that you can for that, move, put the wheels of fortune in motion. You should steal a kiss from that gorgeous lady across the street, offer flowers to a stranger, make someone’s day, do something nuts, look someone different deeply into his or her eyes. 

You could wear socks of different colours, create some funny little lies, belly dance on top of your work table… or howl to the moon. There are so many ways to transform a life into a daily adventure! If your day is too normal, do not take it! Life is to be enjoyed. An idea for the ladies is to go to the toilet and remove your underwear. If you are wearing skirts, even better. Go “al fresco” and feel that you have changed your life and no-one knows about it! You will laugh for nothing and feel very strange, but life got more adventurous and it didn’t cost you a thing. 

Here is my advice for the New Year: one folly per day. I can think of so many! 

  • Try black coffee, or one of those lollies only kids like, the ones that pop in your tongue or make it all purple. 
  • Send a kiss to the ugliest man you see from the bus window. 
  • Wave to a stranger and pretend you know the person. 
  • Dress with strong coloured clothes that do not match at all and say you have a slight problem of colour-blindness. 
  • Create new words and pretend they exist. 

One of my friends who lived in Sydney as a student in one of the best English courses around used to mess what the locals thought of the Brazilian culture. When her homework was to talk about proverbs, she created completely new ones from her own mind some that no-one else would recognise. 

I can’t remember exactly but it was something like this: 

“Dead birds do not fly high” the explanation being that this was said to make people take risks. 

Or “Lower than the table’s base there is only the floor” which would be used by mothers to teach the children that life needs structure… 

She would spend the rest of the day laughing about her own creations and when she told us we laughed together.

In a Brazilian party here I found a friend teaching an Australian: “look, there is a really nice phrase you can use” and she would say in Portuguese, slowly, what actually meant “I am cra-zy”. My friend had this serious teacher’s face. I spoilt her fun when I started giggling and the guy realised there was something wrong… 

So this is it, my advice for the New Year: daily doses of free adventure… take risks, use the pink shirt! Coral Pink for the guys, bright pink for the ladies… and add to your diary: laugh out loud at least once a day! 

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