The White Shorts’ Dancing Bug

My whole team had used (and probably abused) our Angel’s costume at the Sydney Salsa Congress in January.

I hadn’t performed with them the first few times because of an injury. Therefore, I was the only one using the Angel thing for the first time.

It is a very, very, very (very, very) short, short, short dress. We bought it ready‐made and I am pretty sure it was one of those costume things suppose do be sold in adult shops. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice, pretty, costume. White and sexy, with a holly halo and sleeves that remind you of wings, the only “but” is that it feels shorter at the back.

If you join that fact to a Brazilian Bum (mine) you get to the only possible conclusion:

‘Huston, we have a problem!’ 

This situation reminded me of the time when I was a skinny ballet dancer, back in Brazil.

I was dieting to get even skinnier, and was going to be dancing in a white TUTU, those plate skirts ballerinas use. The dressmaker brought it to the dance school be tried on. She was an international dressmaker, used to make tutus to people from different countries and she used her normal mould to make ours.

She only overlooked one detail: Brazilian Bums, Bottoms, Behinds.

I think we were about ten young girls and we all got the dress tipped up, on the back.

We started dancing and most of the dresses got funny on our behinds. It’s like a hat that doesn’t sit right, a hat that shows your bum! We laughed and laughed because we could be as thin as a stick and it didn’t make any difference, the bum was always the last to diminish in size.

The woman was not happy to have to add a few inches at the back part of all our dresses to compensate for our uncooperative behinds. When we were trialling the tutus, dancing, at every jump, the tutus turned upside… up, ha ha, like the Australian umbrellas do in Sydney’s wind.

Back to the Angel’s dress, I already knew about my “rear” problem so I sewed the dress to my shorts.

I only realised it hadn’t been enough when someone I was talking to at the festival said:
‘Hi, I’ve seen you; you are the one who danced that choreo with the white shorts!’

Argh, it was supposed to be a white dress, not the shorts but ah well, I’m happy I had the shorts to keep me decent!

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