Sexiest Man on Earth

Juan Juiz & Tania at Sydney International Bachata Festival 2009

August 6, 2009 

 According to Juan’s girlfriend, Josie, this is what he is: “the sexiest man on Earth“. 

This was no longer a secret as we all found this out in a full house at Brisbane City Hall on the Saturday night performances at the Brisbane Salsa & Brazilian Dance Congress in June 2009. The tell-tale was Luda Kroitor from Dancing with the Stars 2008 (Australian edition).

The funny thing was that one of our male friends told me: “If I were a girl I’d do him”   that is the kind of power he exudes.

You want to know how? It is just by loving life! That is what you see in sexy guys. They are in love with life and love being in their own skin. 

The same is valid for dancers, when they love the dancing, more than anything, is when they look “on top of the world”.

There is a thin line here though: narcissist and self absorbed and loving to show off their dance doesn’t make anyone sexier… can you see the difference? 

It is not about how you look. It is how you feel. It’s about people that dance the same way when alone in a room, on a stage, or at a packed dance floor where no one can see anyone.

Sexy dancers are the ones that are totally in connection with their partners when doing a couple dance (Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Forró), not with themselves. 

They look at their partner’s eyes now and then (no freakish starring, please) and really dance with them even when doing individual steps like styling or shines.

If you do partner dancing, have you ever gone for a whole night of dancing with one person? If not, you have to do it. Find a way! It is one of those “dreams come true” experiences of life. 

I’ve done it a few times and I wasn’t romantically involved with these partners, and it was simply divine. I imagine that if there is a romance it must be even better.

For a night of dancing with just one parter, the rules are:

  1. It doesn’t need to be the best dancer on earth or the prettiest woman or the most amazing guy, or Brad Pitt, or anything of the sort. 
  2. Don’t wait for heaven on Earth to make it happen. Do it now! All you need is a dance partner. Someone that moves like you do. Even if the guy doesn’t know all the moves or the girl is still learning, it doesn’t matter, as long as you like dancing with each other. Don’t wait for all the conditions to line up. [I once danced a whole night with a guy that danced something, God knows what, but it wasn’t salsa. Everyone else was dancing salsa and it was a salsa night, with salsa music. It was the best salsa night of my life even though I never did one “cross-body-lead”!]
  3. You dance with each other the whole night, all dances, all songs, all styles you are keen, and all songs that you like. One or two dances with someone else may be permitted, no more than that. You can rest when necessary or when melting, but not often.
  4. Undivided attention. Put phones away, other people at bay.

The “high profile” people will have to deal with the disappointed crowd. I know that there are more ladies than guys in the dance scene, and because of that, the men start thinking they are god’s emissaries to the dance floor. 

They feel the power, they love having all the ladies asking them to dance. But they will have to get over it, they will have to say no on this special night, find an excuse if needed; and dance with one partner. I promise it will be well worth it.

You know that sensation that we have of reading each other’s minds? For example, when he is thinking of turning his hips that way hers are already on their way? He is still thinking which side he is going to lead her next turn but she already knows his decision? 

This is the goal. This is what you achieve at the end of the night. You lose the anxiety of knowing who you are going to dance with next, what kind of moves they will do, which song, and just enjoy dancing.

You will feel, on this night, that you have turned into the sexiest man or woman on Earth!

Written by – ‘Louca por Bachata’ Tania

NOTE: Juan Juiz did not persuade Tania to write this article, neither he asked to be called the sexiest man on earth, but… He did like it though :0)

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