It is a Couple Dance

I haven’t been dancing much, but I still go out at least once a week, attend some classes, dance at empty beaches or in a candle lighted living room.

What I have been doing more is writing. I have just created my own writer’s website:

Although I have been really busy there are things I cannot miss: Every forró party in Sydney.

I always feel like a child in a candy shop when I see what is happening there.
The Sydney Bachata Festival should have some great surprises. I was dancing last weekend and I had a great time dancing zouk.

From some of the dances I had, the only pointer I would give all dancers in any kind of couple dancing is : “it is a couple dance!” That means you have to interact somehow with your partner.

The idea is not to be freakish, staring at each other’s eyes all the time, but you must interract, make eye contact sometimes, be there in spirit, not just in body.

Some tips to enjoy couple dances are:

  1. Be present to the dance, to the moment, enjoy every step.
  2. Respect your partner, dance with them, no-one else on the dance floor.
  3. Don’t dance thinking of whom you will ask to dance next.
  4. Stop analysing the other couples on the dance floor.
  5. Allow some eye contact, every now and then.
  6. If the movement is sexy, flirt lightly, with humour.
  7. Interact with her shines or notice that she is interacting with yours. It will make you both have a lot more fun and will increase your sensuality as a dancer ten times!
  8. If something goes wrong laugh or smile.
  9. Never blame your partner, and take responsibility for your mistakes, always be gracious.
  10. Make sure you never do something over your ability so you don’t hurt yourself or your partner.
  11. Be aware of other people so you don’t bump or step on other couples on the dance floor.

Then, you follow your dreams. I am engaged with mine!

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