My Sydney Bachata Festival Experience

Leslie Bachatera & Tania / Bachata 4Ever music troupe / At Sydney Bachata Festival

I had some very special dances and experiences at the Sydney International Bachata Festival.

My Friday night started pretty well when the 4Ever boys asked me (!!!) to take a picture with them, not the other way around!

I asked if I could take a picture of the group for my blog but they insisted on having me with them, I got all fuzzy and happy… maybe it is something they do with lots of girls, I don’t care, it worked, I bought the CD straight away even not knowing which of the bachata songs I have in my head are theirs.

Then I found out about the Brazilian food. That made my weekend, from then on, I almost didn’t eat at home to eat there. It was a booth serving traditional savoury Brazilian pastry, delicious chicken and meat kebabs on fresh buns and a few sweets. One of my friends said during the weekend: you are always eating! I was divided between bachata and “coxinha”(a type of chicken croquete). 

“Delicious Brazil” Catering for Bachateros / Bachata Festival Dance floor

From the festival, a few more flashbacks come to my mind:

“Delicious Brazil” Catering for Bachateros / Bachata Festival Dance floor

One of the great dances I had was a funny gospel song, it was the last of the night in the smaller room and I had Clement for a dance partner. I have to tell you that these DJs are always busy so it is hard to dance with them but when you do, they enjoy it so much that you fell like you are gliding. This dance was great, the song was beautiful although strange.

Another unique moment was the one I danced with Graeme, the floor was packed and we had to contain every move, we had to move in a very small way and got to be close to the point of laughing at it. It was funny doing mini‐cross body leads, mini spins (no space for turns) and extra small basics. All that repeated with DJ Amit… It seems I was in the mood for DJ‐dances!!! 

I had only two dances with the instructors: one was a sensual bachata with Rodney Aquino and to finish the event in style a dance with Juan Bachatero.

Tania dancing with Mahendra, Juan Bachatero and Junaid Jafar (dance partner).

From the festival, a few more flashbacks come to my mind:

I won’t forget the beautiful Leslie, I enjoyed her performances and energy, her skilled, aggressive and quick bachata.

Also the live shows were great.

Dancing a live bachata song with a good dancer is a priceless experience…

I have to thank Mahendra for being my partner while HR King sang for us…

Then I had the privilege to be at the front row to see the 4Ever performance.

Gosh! They can sing… only people really good can sing a capela and these guys did it to make any romantic heart stop. When the instruments kicked in the result was awesome.

All bachateros had these big smiles on their faces, the girls with shinny eyes and a few jumping on stage with them.

Good live music always makes a dancer’s heart sing… we had a ball!

As we all seem to be saying after our extraordinary time at the festival:


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