Public Luv

No, it’s not (exactly) what you are thinking…

This is just about people who dance, perform, on stage and make love to the public, and, in a sense, their dance partners as they perform.

I love cheeky dancers, and I’ve been told I am one of them. With pride! I make an effort to be.

Great performers are those that create a special energy with the public, they are so confident with their dancing (and singing) that they interact and put their hearts out to the public.

Not always there is a love affair, usually dance partners are not romantically involved, but for the sake of Latin dancing, specially bachata, and while on stage, and shining for the few minutes their choreo is on, they have to be lovers.

They have to have the energy of lovers, completely in lust for one another, for those seconds. I draw on the energy and love I have for dancing, so the ones that show this peculiarity probably do too.

At the bachata festival I had fun spotting people like that: looking in the eyes of the public, making faces and enjoying the experience, pretending it was the love affair of the century and showing their confidence to the watchers.

I found quite a few and every single time I found myself smiling as if they were dancing for me alone…

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