Sydney Carnaval 2009 Hightlights

Latin Dance Australia Samba Girls / Friends at the Carnaval Party / Pre-party at my sister’s house

The girls were the highlight. Amy Mills & Sandra Betrus, Samba Queens on Stage at the Carnaval 2009 and the Samba Pro Team from Latin Dance Australia were a vision…

I started the night at my sister’s for what we call “esquenta” which means warming up.

In Brazil it means to start the party early. So, to the best of our abilities, we did as the long tradition dictates… we started with a few drinks. With nine girls and one Irish! (One of the girls was taking the picture…)

There is a tradition that for a Carnaval party, where we gather a group of friends and dress up in grouped costumes. We did pageant winners, each from her home city.

The Carnaval party, was a full house! We danced the whole night.

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