Calling Salsa & Zouk Crowd to ForroGode

One Night in Brazil, the organisers of the Forrogode party, is doing something different tomorrow. For the 7th of March 2009, at the Ivory Lounge they have invited DJ Zoubasa to give two hours of Zouk and Salsa before the usual social for Forro and Pagode.

So from 9 to 11 pm DJ Amit-Zoubassa will be playing Salsa and Zouk.

From 11 Forro and Pagode will hit in. 

It may be a great opportunity for the usual Latin Dancers from all over the world to see how parties in Latin America are usually like. Instead of going to the party for dancing, the Latinos go to the dancing for the party and that makes it all different. 

The usual rules do not apply there: kissing in the dance floor is permitted, and quite common, dancing is kind of going with the flow, having a good time, drinking, talking, checking out the girls and guys, that is a must.

Let the rhythm take you over. Be prepared to stay up, the usual Forrogode crowd arrive late and complain every single time when they want to close the bar. You have to forgive us in Brazil dancing goes until 5 or 6 am. 

I love the idea of mixing these Oh! So! Different! People.

I keep hoping to get more and more zouk/salsa dancers to do Forró and more and more Forró addicts do join our Zouk/Salsa crowd. It will be good to witness the mix of these two worlds! 

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