Brazilian Carnaval is not Exactly About Dancing

Pre-party at my sister’s place / LDA Samba Carnaval Dancers with Amy Mills / Band at Carnaval party

Brazilian Carnaval parties are happening tonight [26 & 27 Feb 2009] in Manly and Thursday in the City.

Of course there is samba and music and the people that can dance are dancing.

Carnaval in Brazil is about loud, loud, loud music, drums, jumping, having fun, drinking, and making out.

No real dance skills are required, just a total lack of self-contiousness.

If you want to have the night of your life, you must try it out, only being there you will be able to understand how is it that a whole country, 196 million people, stop because of it for over a week.

For more information: check “One Night In Brazil
Or take samba classes at Latin Dance Australia

See you there! 

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