So I thought I Could Dance

Gianne Abbott at the Sydney Salsa Congress 2009 / Tais, Tania & Friends at So you Think you Can Dance Australia 2009

And so I did, I thought I could dance, until I went to the live filming of the Australian edition of the TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance” and those guys are the real thing: dancers to the core, amazing people. I was there as Gianne Abbott’s groupie and finished thinking she had to win! 

Gianne is the Brazilian dancer in the show.

I met her in the Brazilian Dance Congress 2008, and she did a performance of a beautiful Afro-Samba choreography. I remember I went to speak to her because she was simply amazing and the routine that she made for them was excellent.

I was really impressed with her dancing, her beauty and charisma and talking to her I realised that, on top of all, she is a sweetheart.

I had never been to a live show recording before and I was really impressed to he seated right in front of the stage. It was such an experience!

First thing that I have noticed is that everyone, from the famous host, to the famous judges, to the famous dancers and the famous singer are the same as us: just people.

They look the same as the camera crew, the people around the stage area, the technical crew, the not famous dancers. Same amount of limbs; eyes, ears and mouth in the same place, basically: just people.

I see people go all funny around the famous.

I was once in the restricted area at the São Paulo International airport having just arrived from a flight, I was catching a shuttle bus to my city. At the same place, the Hot Chilly Peppers band was arriving and in the fence we had all these crazy fans squishing themselves, trying to jump, crying, screaming, I was looking at them thinking: “Oh! Whatever!”

I got some cameras to take pictures of the musicians for them, just went to the artists and said:
‘Hello, could I please take a picture of you for that girl over there?’
The girl over there was almost passing out with emotion and the guy just let me take the picture for her and a few others.

I said thank you and went on my merry way.


This weekend I discovered a dear friend of mine is friends with Hugh Jackman. I wouldn’t mind having dinner with them and getting a picture for my blog but I bet Hugh is a person too.

Ok, he might be one of the sexiest man on Earth, but still, I promise, if I ever have a chance to see him in person, even if I look a bit dumb, I will remind myself: just a person.

With all that what I mean is that you can, one day, find yourself there, on television, or being famous, the people that were there at the TV show, last night, weren’t in any way different from any of us.

But I’m getting out of the track here. I’m here to talk about the show. The first part of being there is to get “cheering training” you have this funny guy telling us when to clap, when to go wild, how to follow his lead.

He did a dance competition that was really funny. He got a few people from the public to try some dancing for us, not for the cameras. He ended up with a genius of a boy dancer and a girl that was very funny and brave and didn’t care she actually couldn’t dance.

The boy said he was 15 but looked around 9, he was probably dancing since he was five, with already a dancer’s body and being actually pretty good, doing multiple pirouettes, tricks, jumps and all.

The girl most certainly has been doing some ballet classes but not for long and her contemporary attempt was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. She was amazing. I’m glad to say both got the prizes.

The part that was live was the eliminations, with the “dancing for their lives”, 30 seconds sessions each of the bottom 3 couples. It was a privilege to see them dancing, especially Loredo Malcolm.

I have to confess that the kind of body that I think is the most beautiful type is the dancer’s one. The thin with perfectly defined but not overly grown muscles, if you want to know what I mean have a look at Loredo’s performance from last night: that is it: my ideal of perfection. 

I’m glad I didn’t have to make a decision on who to eliminate. All of them were too good. Stephen and Ash‐Leigh ended up being eliminated.
We couldn’t take pictures once the show started and even after it was finished so I couldn’t take a picture with Gianne when we were talking to her, however I have one from her dancing in the Brazilian Parade at the Sydney Salsa Congress.

I am strongly cheering for her to win because she has it all.

Hers was the preferred performance from the previous night, it was also her that the camera focused more on the group show shown last night.

Even the judges didn’t have one bad remark about her routine.

I didn’t see her dancing live this time but even from the shows on the screen I could see she has it all: she is an amazing dancer having the technique and the extra something needed.

Knowing Brazilian Samba gives her a lot of advantages, she moves that body like no‐one, she is also charismatic, looks good both on stage and in front of the camera, her smile brightens up the day, her dancing has the feeling coming from the bottom of her heart, even when she is nervous and on top of all she is a good person.

Of course I would cheer for her even if I didn’t think she was the best to win, I’m loyal to the end, but upon being there I realised she is for sure one of the best. I find it hard comparing the male to the female dancers, so I’m not sure that if I didn’t know anyone personally, I would still think she is the best, but that choice was made for me.

So here I go: VOTE FOR GIANNE!!!

When I was leaving Carriage Works I saw this guy coming out of a backdoor, he had a funny outfit looking like a naval officer, with a cap and all. He looked, different, special, somehow magical.

That place has an atmosphere of its own; it is a corridor with all these old doors, old walls, old windows… in one of the glass doors I saw a dog and through a window there was a man hanging from the ceiling doing some acrobatics. When I paid attention to the guy in the alley it was Stephen Tannos, the guy that was let go just a little while before. 

I felt like taking a picture of him before I realised it was him, but I decided not to intrude in his moment. It is nonetheless a picture that I will always have in my mind. One of those that makes you think you are in a movie.

Today I have a sore throat from shouting encouragements and I feel exhausted, I think I overshared myself and my energy last night.

It was well worth it!

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