Super­Human Salsa Dancers “Don & Rae”

Don, Tania and Rae at the Sydney Olympic Park train station, on the way to the congress

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing ability of people with a “disability” at my writing blog, “Disabled People are Super Humans“.

I went to the Sydney Salsa Congress shows last night and found there the perfect example for my line of thinking.

The Thursday night at the congress is dedicated to performances of the student teams, from all over the country, so I found a bit strange to have a couple performing instead of a team. Don & Rae from Perth were beautiful but during the show I kept thinking… “Why do they have a couple performing tonight?”

I have intricate knowledge of the Congress goings having been involved with the organization of it in the past. So the thing was for me more noticeable.

I couldn’t find any apparent motive, so I just enjoyed the show.

The routine was nice, they did some lifts and tricks as all Salsa dancers love. Nice costumes as well.

The Sydney Salsa Congress 2009 Stage ­MCs: Angela Lau and Marcia Pinheiro (left to right)

At the end of it Angela and Marcia, last night’s hosts, came and said that the show was there first because it was very good but second because Don has a prosthetic leg and the Congress is a supporter of all kinds of amazing dancers.

I would say that lots of salsa dancers are not half as good as him even using both flesh legs.

And she was amazing, because the trust needed is not a small feat, to be lifted, you are putting your life in your partners hands.

I was thrilled to see them at the train station and take a picture.

They were dropping Don’s parents off, as I was going home in the same train I enjoyed their company.

They were telling me that before dancing, he was had a passion for karate.

I remember my parents had to endure endless shows of ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern in my young life, and they even went to a practice for my performance a couple of weeks ago. (Dad wasn’t very happy with my dancing with an injured arm, we should listen more to our parents… the said arm was fractured and I didn’t know…).

Talking to Don’s parents last night reminded me of mine.

The same shinning eyes, same pride, same sharing of a son’s or daughter’s passion. 

They said something that marked me: had the congress been in Brazil they would have still gone to see him! So would I !!!

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