The Sydney Salsa Congress 2009 Starts Tonight

Photo: LDA Zouk Team at Sydney Salsa Congress 2008

LDA Zouk team at The Brazilian Dance Congress 2008

It is starting tonight, one of the best Latin Dance Congresses in the world!

I’m writing all about it. Even with one good arm, one not too good, I’ll be there.

I was going to perform tonight in Tony Lara’s team, I was going to be an Angel… now I’m an Angel with a broken wing.
I’ll talk to all the famous national and international dancers.

I confess: I will cry like a baby, if I cry when I’m dancing imagine when I’m not.
One of my fondest memories is the excruciating pain in my feet after the last party last year. Ah, the sheer sense of mission accomplished! This year I promise a pain in my hand from writing! 

2008 was my first full-time congress and I never had so much fun squeezed in such a short time. I can’t forget one guy social dancing. Pablo was his name, from Pablo & Diana, there were a lot of amazing dancers on the floor, the best salseros in the world, but Pablo, on the Saturday party was incredibly hot!

Something was leaking out straight from his soul and spreading all around him. He was dancing with Becky from Salsa Suave, and it was one of the most beautiful dances I had ever seen.

I’m not sure he is a striking man walking on the street, but on the social I looked around to see about 10 girls beside me watching and drooling.

You could see the little balloons on top of their heads saying:

‘Me, me, me, dance with me!’

From these ladies there was this woman, she was teaching the Afro-Cuban workshops and she had the most beautiful body I have ever seen. She is a black beauty with a sexy French accent and a body movement and elegance that says “dancer” in every fibre. Their dancing was sublime.

Last year, it gave goose bumps to join the workshops, all those dancers moving as one, doing the same things, one purpose, one mind, hundreds of bodies.

I’m excited to watch all these details this year, to report these little and big magics, to share here my dancer’s soul.

Do not miss the congress and do not miss my telling about it… It will be fun.

Super Mario’s Workshop at The Sydney Salsa Congress 2008

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