ANZAC Day Rising My Spirits

The advantage of having been sleepless lately is that waking up before 5am to get to the Dawn Service for Anzac Day was much easier.

I had this strong desire to be there, and I walked through darkness to get to Georges Heights, in Mosman.

If I was in an unsafe place I would have been afraid when I heard running behind me of multiple pairs of legs; but looking back this mother and small boy informed me ‘the alarm didn’t go off’ and ran ahead.

We got there in time, the service was just starting, permeated by the smell of sausage sizzle and the gentle frying sound that my mind kept sending me as images of waterfalls.

The morning singing birds reminded me of the time when I arrived in beautiful Sydney, fourteen years ago, they bring an unnamed tightness to my chest of love, longing, adventure.

The service was beautiful, and the part that I loved the most was a very simple letter from a soldier who wrote it to the father of his fallen friend. I cried, those words that crossed oceans and time made their way to us, to remind us of the sense of loss and love.

The Dogs and the General
The Dogs and the General

I have strong feelings against war, but warm feelings towards people, families, and soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice for a greater cause.

When the speaker told us of this land that receives so many peoples from over the seas, I felt welcomed and warm in the Australian embrace.

Line in the Sky
Dawn on ANZAC Day

The sunrise wasn’t as spectacular today, but the moment was of beauty and sadness and happiness to be here. I felt my bond to this land deepening, even more.

On my way home I saw a lot of flashing lights, police cars, one of them making a bus reverse out of the main road, as if it was a cowboy herding a stubborn bull.


I was privileged to wave to the diggers coming through in a long motorcade of mini-buses and taxis, all white haired, dressed to impress and the word that came to my mind was that they were beautiful.

I got home under a light shower, filled with the sense of belonging, adventure and safety.

Writing in a Hippie Paradise

In front of me, all I can see is green. Green grass, green trees, green hills and green mountains. I can hear the creek that runs at the back of the property and the birds singing. The fresh smell of wet soil and bush is invigorating.

About one year and a half ago I had this brilliant idea that if I wasn’t able to write full time yet, I could pretend, for a few days here and there, that I did. That is when I did the first of my writing trips. I’m now on my fifth trip. (See here how to organise your own writing trip)

I had mentioned these trips to a friend and she offered me to house sit for her over Easter while she was away. I feel very lucky that she did so.

I’m taking care of her house and two cats. I’m in love with Mojo, I think it is mostly because he doesn’t care who is providing the cuddles, as long as someone is. Once or twice a day he comes to me for a caressing session. Eve, the other cat, well, we tolerate each other. I think she knows I’m not the right person, doesn’t want any cuddles, ‘just food, thank you’, she tells me with her eyes… I’m sure she is thinking ‘who are you, impostor!’ I don’t do what she wants ‘open the door right this minute I want to look outside’ (at 9 pm) and she doesn’t do what I ask ‘come back in right this minute so I can close the door’ (at 7 pm), she turns around giving me her wriggling backside.

Mojo is a vanishing artist, he disappears and I look for him everywhere thinking he must be outside when half an hour later he prowls from somewhere in the house… I swear he has to be able to open and close doors, that is the only possible explanation.

Eve is obsessed with looking outside the front door. I leave it propped open and it is not that she wants to go outside, she just wants to sit there, looking out.

One of the things that make my heart jump in happiness, is the constant presence of the Wallabies. They come to the house everyday. I know I probably should not let them eat my friend’s trees, vegetables and grass but I don’t have the heart to make them go away. Fortunately I wasn’t specifically instructed to do so, and that will be my excuse.

They are absolutely silent when they are around, you can only hear when they hop, producing this endearing thump, thump sound.

Yesterday I saw a baby roo and it saw me. It jumped, fast as lightening to its mum, and dived straight into the pouch, head first. Took him a few minutes to turn around and look at me with uncertain eyes. I think they keep looking straight at you to assess if you are a threat.

On my first morning here I saw a Moses walking down the hill. Or was it a Gandalf? Except it was a female one. She had long white hair, billowing dramatically in the wind and walked holding a wooden staff, followed by a dog.

She has a hen house near the creek and walks down twice a day to let the birds out, feed them and put them inside to sleep in the evening. Yesterday the hens were not collaborating and I heard the woman talking to them what sounded like “come-on birds, it’s time to go in”. They are Helmeted Guineafowls, I believe, and responded loudly “buckwheat, buckwheat” running around.

Iwon’t criticise. At that exact moment I was talking to the cats “are you hungry? Is that what you want? It is a bit early…”. “Meow, meow.”


A couple of times, I went to the town centre, for a better word to call it, a couple of streets with a couple of stores. I understood why I heard the place being called Hippie Country… I felt as if I had walked through a portal and ended up in the seventies, inside one of those pictures of big hippie festivals, you could smell the unnatural sweetness of the air. I was told to be ware of the brownies and cookies… (I’ve never tried one for the fear they might make me turn normal.)

There isn’t a supermarket, but there is an Emporium. It reminds me of the small city stores of old, it had the cramped corridors and everything you can possibly imagine. I had to squeeze around to let people pass all the time. It was wonderful.

The funny part is that they had organic, sustainable and environmental products for everything, they would put any big city supermarket to shame! Recycled toilet paper, sustainably caught tuna, earth safe cleaning products, you name it… I went into a bakery and asked for a carry bag (looking forward to using such bag for garbage) and the sales woman looked at me as if I had said profanities about her mother, I swear she looked positivelly disgusted as she mumbled something about “plastic bags”.

The street had stores of funky t-shirts with flowers on them, organic preserves, herbs and spices shops; organic food cafes and organic juice shops. Everything was very colourful, painted in strong colours of purple, yellow, green and blue and a few rainbows, and a lot of the people really dressed the part.

I didn’t think they were a relaxed bunch though, in two blocks I heard one woman complaining about the drama, not sure what happened, then a man was screaming abuse at everyone and a third said that her friend just lost her license, because of alcohol.

What was absolutely wonderful was the art. I went to an exposition at the town hall and there were many different styles for many different preferences but I thought most were very inspired.


At the house, most of the time there is a deep seeded silence, except for crickets and birds, but some other times I think people come away from civilisation not to enjoy this wonderful tranquility, but to make noise undisturbed. With so much green, often enough a neighbour decides to cut the grass, or a tree, or blow leaves, or bang on wood or listen to opera so loud someone at the top of the mountain can also hear it.

But still, frequently there is a tranquil and wonderful peace.

(Is it too bad of me that I keep wishing that the grass mower breaks, the head of the hammer detaches and flies away never to be found again, or that the opera singer turns mute? Poor neighbours… bad me.)

I’m enjoying the changes in colour and mood of the scenery, the rain and the sun, the fresh breeze that comes in the afternoon, and the hot air in the middle of the day. Including the sounds, even the noises, but more when they go away. So many different bird songs, colours in the sky, smells that remind me of childhood farms and ranches.

This is the perfect writing scenario, especially as the sun sets right in front of my writing desk!


Freelancer Despair

I am usually lucky at finding good freelancers to edit and proofread my work but this weekend’s crop is a bit despairing…

roger that

This one really wants to edit my work! What is he trying to say? A proofreader that writes “i” in lower case, puts a space before full stop, doesn’t start the phrase with a capital and doesn’t say anything coherent? Bothering no chance? Whaaaat?


no comment

No comment,,,,


Since past 7 years.png

… Since past 7 years? Is this right? I think it should be “for the past 7 years, or since 2011…”


into content writing industry

“THE content writing industry” THE grasp of articles is essential to an editor… I’m not even going to question the “into”, or “from last 5 years”…


I am having experience.png

“I am having experience”? I am having experience of running screaming around the room! And I am not a SIR (that is how carefully they have read my proposal…)


academic computer engineering.png

I want an editor for a sassy romantic text, this one does not seem to fit the profile…


finance wiz carfully

And same with the finance wiz who use his words “carfully”. Sorry cannot hire a proofreader who cannot proofread his words “carefully”.


no space after stop.png

This one is the best one so far, for real, not ironically. He just misses spaces after full stops. I can give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was trying to save space in a limited character profile… but what if this isn’t the case? A proofreader that misses details…


the best tool.png

Lastly, I need a person, not a tool! And I’m not worried about plagiarism… my proposal clearly states they are just to edit a book proposal, not write anything, why would I need a plagiarism tool? I din’t plagiarise anything and I know it…


[deep long sigh ending up with a chuckle… I can’t deny this is funny]

I’ll wait for tomorrow, or the day after, or a week even, it may bring me a good option or my previous freelancer back… Wish me luck it seems I’m in need of it!

Medicina sem Milagres

— Que isso Deus, tá tomando antiácido?
— Pois é, Pedrinho, tô num nervoso danado!
— Mas porque?
— Sabe o que é, é o avanço da tecnologia, da medicina especialmente…
— Como assim? Achei que você estava impressionado com os seres humanos, o que eles conseguiram fazer e descobrir.
— Impressionado eu até que tô, mas também tô frustradíssimo que não consigo falar com mais ninguém!
— Hum?
— Semana passada achei um moleque lá nos cafundós da Africa, lugar sem um celular, nem um curandeiro tinha na aldeia, e comecei a bater um lero com ele, aquela história de sempre, “então você é muito especial, eu sou Deus e estou falando com você”, estava indo tudo bem, a aldeia estava toda impressionada com o menino. Isso é, até quando baixa lá os Medicins Sans Frontiers e diagnosticam esquisofrenia, tacam um anti-psicótico no menino e pronto, acabou o nosso papo, ficou surdo, como todos os outros, não ouve mais nada.
— Ah Deus, que pena, então tá difícil de se comunicar é?
— Pois é Pedrinho, os únicos que me ouvem são meus queridos mendigos, mas aí ninguém ouve eles! E todo mundo que eu tento conversar vai parar no manicômio.
— E um milagre? Já pensou nisso, um milagre dos bons, de deixar todo mundo falando, aposto que ia fazer efeito!
Deus cai no choro, desconsolado.
— Calma Deus, porque essa choradeira? Qual o problema do milagre?
— Ai é a tecnologia que atrapalha! — Deus dá uma fungada daquelas — Eu mandei uma santa chorar e os cientistas disseram que era a condensação do ar, quem eles acham que fez o ar condensar na Santa? Mandei a santa sangrar e eles descobriram que foi o mendigo que eu convenci ir lá que colocou o sangue na Santa. Estou sem saida, cada vez que eu mando um milagre eles arrumam uma boa explicação, nem prá chuva no sertão tô ganhando atribuição… É a natureza, é a inversão térmica, até o aquecimento global, mas eu? Não to valendo nada. Ai que saudade do tempo da Joana d’Arc, uma boa fogueira não fazia mal a ninguém né?

Lara, Tony e os Zebus

Domingo, oito da matina, a Lara e eu estamos tomando café no nosso bairro. É uma portinha que serve cafés nas mesinhas que coloca na calçada.

A Lara não se chama Lara, mas como é o nome que lhe dei quando se transformou em minha personagem, vou adotar desde já. Há anos coleciono suas histórias e tenho trabalhado duro para escrever um livro com as aventuras dessa figura. Esse livro nasce direto em inglês na minha mente, por isso está dando tanto trabalho!

Essa tal Lara virou personagem porque as coisas mais inusitadas acontecem com ela, ou ao seu redor.

Por exemplo, a cena de um desses domingos de manhã. Estávamos indo trabalhar; ela trabalhar-trabalhar, por estar organizando um grande evento que está acontecendo essa semana. Eu porque indo acompanhá-la, posso fazer companhia e dedicar o dia para “os meus escritos” que são qualquer coisa desde promover meus livros, escrever-escrever, ou planejar os próximos passos que preciso tomar.

Estávamos ali, cafezinhos e torradas na mão, e a Lara olha para o lado, olha para mim, e me diz baixinho:

— Olha, o Tony Abbott está passando correndo!

E passa o Tony Abbott com um sorrisinho na cara, porque ele viu a Lara falando o nome dele. Ela percebe que ele percebeu e dá aquela disfarçada, olhando para o lado. Ele passa com a camisa suada junto com dois amigos, ainda trotando.

Só na Australia mesmo para passar o ex-primeiro ministro sem pompa nem cerimônia.

O que me veio na cabeça foi o conto “O Recital”, do Luís Fernando Veríssimo que depois de colocar um homem querendo tocar a tuba num quarteto de cordas, solta uma manada de zebus no palco.

Quando estou com a Lara, o cara da Tuba é o de menos, eu vivo esperando a manada!

Lara, Tony and the herd

Sunday early morning, Lara and I are having a coffee in our shops. It is one of the little-door coffee shops, with tables on the walkway, squeezed against the walls to avoid blocking the pedestrian way.

Lara isn’t Lara’s real name, it is the name I gave her once she became my character. That is how I call her in my stories. For years I have been collecting Lara’s tales and working hard to get her stories shaped into a book. This novel is born in English in my head and that is why it is harder.

Lara became my focus because unusual things happen to her, or around her, all the time.

Today for example, we are going to work. She is going to work-work, because she is organising a huge event which is happening in two weeks. I am going with her because on top of keeping her company, I can dedicate my day to “my writings” which means anything from promoting my books, writing-writing, or plan my next steps.

There we are, coffee and toast in hand, and Lara looks to the side, looks back at me, and says quietly:

‘Look, it’s Tony Abbott, he is running!’

Then comes Tony, with a discreet smile pasted on his face because he saw Lara saying his name. She sees that he saw her, and she looks to the side pretending nothing happened. He runs by us, with a couple of friends, the three trotting by with their sweaty t-shirts.

Only in Australia, the former prime-minister runs around without security or any special attention.

There is a famous short-story by Luis Fernando Verissimo, one of the best Brazilian authors, who wrote this tale about a man who wants to play the Tuba within the concert of a string quartet. Verissimo explores the humour and absurd of the stress between the string quartet and the tuba player and ends his story releasing a herd of zebu on stage.

When I’m with Lara, the Tuba guy is the least of my worries, I’m often waiting for the herd!

“Sideways Reality” reached the post of number 1 best seller

I know, I should stop here and just leave it at that, but I’m so real, sometimes it hurts.

This Best Selling ranking happened inside the Brazilian Amazon, for Kindle e-books, inside the category Collections & Anthologies, inside Fantasy, inside Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction. Bottom line, I might have had to sell a dozen books to get there.

It was on Friday 8th April, I felt like running amok, screaming in happiness like a child with sugar rush just for having reached a Number One position.

Sideways Reality, my little short story collection is also doing very well in its FREE BOOK promotion this weekend, being 7th in the Australian Amazon for this same category.


#1 Best Seller – Um dos mais vendidos na Amazon

Sideways Reality, meu primeiro livro eletrônico escrito em inglês lançado da Amazon, atingiu ontem, 8 de Abril de 2016, a posição de livro mais vendido na Amazon do Brasil, dentro da categoria de Coleções e Antologias – Fantasia.

Isso me permite dizer que eu sou uma Amazon Best Seller! O livro está disponível gratuitamente apenas hoje e amanhã, encontre o livro aqui:  Sideways Reality” [Mercados da Amazon AU, US, BR].

Sideways Reality é uma pequena coleção de quatro contos, fáceis de se ler em Inglês, com histórias onde usei o máximo da minha imaginação. Foram muito gostosas de escrever com personagens que me fizeram rir ou me emocionar.

Lembre-se que você pode ler o livro em qualquer computador ou aparelho, basta baixar o aplicativo Kindle gratuitamente.

App Leitura Kindle

Também é importante comprar o livro do mercado em que você se cadastrou originalmente, se morou nos EUA provavelmente vai ser a, se morou na Austrália,, e se vai se cadastrar agora, no Brasil, vai usar; e assim por diante.

Abaixe o livro e deixe sua opinião na Amazon, os “reviews” deixados são extremamente valiosos para escritores fazendo auto-publicação.

Sideways Reality – My first in English at Amazon

This weekend I have self-published my first book in English at Amazon!

Find the book in the market you are registered at, search: Tania Crivellenti –  Sideways Reality” [at Amazon AU, US, BR]

This is a little book with only 4 short stories. It was born during Nano [] in November 2015. 

I have grouped these four stories together because they have elements in common, the fantasy, the fiction and maybe, because they are some of the ones I most enjoyed writing.

I feel as if the characters have a life of their own and when a poor teenager is trying to read but there is too much noise, I laugh alone; if you read the story you will understand why.

These creations are very independent from their creator, they do what they need to do, I just write them down as they pop into my head and shake it up.

You will read about a man who decided to forget a book he loved to read, about a boy who is exactly like any other boy on the outside, a man who could be a sociopath but instead sees what others don’t, and a man who deals with an unusual deformity.

Buy my book and enjoy!

[Then review it, reviews are valued their weight in gold for self-publishers like me. I’m positive you will increase your good karma if you do so!]

Fazendo uma maratona… de escrita!

Dia primeiro de novembro, além de ser muito importante por causa do aniversário do meu pai, marca também o inicio mundial da Maratona de Escrita do website objetivo é escrever um livro em um mês. São 50,000 palavras o que faz com que o objetivo diário seja escrever 1667 palavras.

Por enquanto estou adiantada, no terceiro dia da maratona.

Ontem eu voltei para casa andando pela praia, parei no caminho para escrever e, como diz um amigo meu (obviamente brasileiro), ver bunda passar. 

Enquanto eu escrevia, passou bunda, passou boiada… cachorro, criança, nadadores, atletas (um desses passou cinco vezes, até eu ficar cansada só de olhar). 

Um casal parou para admirar como eu conseguia escrever sem olhar para o teclado.

É realmente um grande benefício, poder escrever olhando o mar e bunda passar…