The Failed Minute Meditation

This was a failure. My friend and I created a Minute Meditation app, except it never worked Recently I started working at an app creating company and one of the super-smart-expert-in-creating-apps-guys told me: it is not possible to make it work. Because I have tried so hard at the time and exchanged a lot of communications with the contracted app developers, I actually understood why. Cannot explain though, it has to do with the way notifications and alarms work on iPhones.

It was the simplest of apps, basically not much fancier than an alarm. We spent months with back and forwards emails, screen-shots, and broken communication with people who clearly, like us, were not first-language English speakers. Except that they had a lot of difficulty in understanding and communicating the issues.

They failed to alert us that technically there was a limitation to the project.

At the time it seemed like the most brilliant idea ever, especially because I have ideas for other exciting apps and this one seemed like a good starting point.

‘I’m going on a meditation retreat’ my friend said to me.


‘Yeah, I’ll send you the details in case I go missing!’

She didn’t go missing. In fact it was great. As I have this habit of learning from other’s experiences, I ended up partnering up with her and attempting to create this app. The idea was to create the chance to stop for a minute per hour to breathe and meditate, something designed for busy people.

Accepting failures is a big challenge for me, and being able to laugh at this maybe means I have learnt and moved on.

This is my record of the attempt, a record of the creation even if it didn’t work. Because risks are taken with the possibility of failure and forgetting the failures might make you forget the teachings from it.

With the experience, I have learnt that hiring cheap, overseas, freelancer developers is not worth it.I understand much better now the need to think deeply about the requirements of projects. Extrapolating to everything: unless you have the resources to create a proper product, paying high quality contractors, you better not do it. It is a waste of effort, energy and money. 

Minute Meditation ScreenMinute Meditation OptionsMinute Meditation Texts

This is what I wrote for the app:

What is One Minute Meditation?

It is the opportunity to stop, for one minute per hour, to meditate. Meditating may seem hard, but doing it for one minute at a time makes it easy. By doing so, you will tap into a new resource to change your quality of life. Get connected with yourself as a soul, as an infinite being of light. 

One Minute Meditation is taking responsibility for your well-being. 

See the settings to choose how many times you would like to do it per day.

How to Meditate?

Make your world hush for a minute. Breathe, just breathe. Inhale the energy, exhale what doesn’t serve you.

Look at the meditation screen and feel all your senses: see, smell, listen, taste and touch.

Be present, in the present, for the present alone. The next minute doesn’t exist yet. The previous minute is an illusion, as it is gone. There is only NOW and YOU. For one minute.

By practicing the Minute Meditation one or more times a day, you will train your brain to feel the present. You will expand your tranquillity and awareness – bringing new magic to your life. Problems and limits may disappear.

You will see new possibilities, feel energised and be opened to new levels of achievement. Our intuition loves meditation. Enjoy!

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