Countdown for Sydney Salsa Congress 2010

It is the countdown for the Sydney Salsa Congress. Only a few days to go!

From 28th to 31st Jan 2010 do not call me, actually, pretend I’m off the face of the Earth because this Congress is where I’m gonna be…

It is the most amazing Latin Dance event in Australia, getting big on the Brazilian Dance styles too. It is considered the most successful congress in the world for integrating all the famous and trendy dance styles in the Latin World. 

The Sydney Salsa Congress is on its 6th edition and I have two years of built up energy to spend. Last year I fractured my arm after falling off a horse. This year I’ve been a good girl and saved myself from any misadventures. 

I have attacks of tachycardia when thinking about this event.

It promises 4 nights and 3 days of full‐on FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Having participated of a few of the past congresses already I know what to expect: 

  • Workshops, so great I will push myself to the point far beyond exhaustion, with a merry, very, happy face…
  • Shows where you get to the point of drooling on the delicious, sometimes incredibly technical, sometimes profoundly passionate, all the times amazing, shows.
  • Parties that go until late, now sporting two rooms: on for the Latin styles and the other to the Brazilian dances. I keep running from one to the other, trying to get a lot of all. 

By Monday‐after‐event all you can hope is to be alive, although unable to be on a vertical state… and so happy, with a sense of accomplishment, full of memories that each part of your sore body will remember forever… Join me!

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