Brisbane Salsa & Brazilian Dance Congresses 2009

I am very excited to say that I’m going to the Brisbane Salsa and Brazilian Dance Congress this weekend! Gaspar Ribeiro invited me so I can experience it and write with all my heart of the adventures I’m going to have there.

I was at the event last year and had a lot of fun, this year will be even better as it will be at the Mercury hotel right at the CBD.

I’m going to zouk, salsa, bachata (among other dances) the nights away. And the days too! If you see me, come and say hello, tell me your dance stories so I can write them out! 

You will see my stories here in my blog and at Radar Magazine which is creating an exciting new space for the Latin Dance Scene and for which I’m the writer.

What got me excited about the Brisbane event this weekend is that it has important national and international artists, such as Luda and Luke from Dancing with the Stars, the TV show.

Salsa is the mainstream but my heart goes to the Brazilian Dancing; Zouk and Forró are among my favourite styles. 

I can’t wait to be there… The congress runs from 5th to 8th of June 2009. Hope you can come too! See you there!

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