Sydney Bachata Festival 2009

This will be the Second International Sydney Bachata Festival and I will be performing.

Bachata, my love for this lovers’ dance is well advertised here and all over the bachateros website.

I think it is beautiful, sexy, torturous (from being too good) and absolutely far from boring.

I have my secret admirer and I admire a dancer secretly… The B fabled Red Dragon a charachter from my tales on the Bachateros Website should be there.

I’m glad to think that I will be able to dance Bachata to my heart’s content on the Festival next week.

I’ll be performing with Tony Lara’s LDA BACHATA TEAM on Friday night.

From the 24th to 26th of April It is going to be one of those hectic weekends of dancing non‐stop from Friday to early Monday… performances and parties every night, all night and workshops all day.

The band 4Ever from Orlando, USA will be playing on Sunday night to close the event.

Come and watch my performance!

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