The Jesus’ Earring and Stockings Bug

Jaime Jesus, Tania, Liz and DJ Amit at the SSC09

I love Jaime’s choreographies, for me he is one of these geniuses of Latin Dance.

Jaime Jesus is one of the owners of Latin Dance Australia and one of the three that put the Congress together.

I worked for him and Marcia Percival (the other owner of LDA and parter at the SSC) for four years and had the time of my life doing so.

Marcia Pinheiro Percival at The Sydney Salsa Congress 2009

So please forgive me if I like his creations, I will not proclaim I’m neutral, but you will see I am fair in my writing.

On Thursday LDA’s advanced Salsa Student team performed at the congress.

It was a choreo I had seen before and already loved but it was even cleaner and perfect this time. The only little thing that was half a beat off, was Jaime’s lift of his partner at the end. I have a very good eye for details because of my years as a ballet dancer and could not understand how Jaime, the choreographer himself, could be the only one making the move a bit behind. When I talked to him after the shows I discovered why: a Dancing Bug!

The lift was to get the girl on top of the guy’s shoulder then bring them down, I’m not exactly sure how, as even if you are doing lifts yourself it feels like a magic trick.

Well, when he had his partner over his shoulder, with her legs in the direction of his head, Jaime’s earring got caught in her fishnet stockings! He solved it so smoothly no-­one even realised what happened. 

These bugs are funny and there are so many of them that the public does not realise!

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