Sydney by the Moon

I just found out I have a broken arm. So I went looking for things I had already written to publish.

As a one-hand-typist I’m an excellent dancer… I found this text I wrote a few years ago. Here it is: 

“There are hundreds of things to do in Sydney, and I’ve done most of them.

Aquariums, going to the top of the list, to all the marvellous beaches, the Maritime Museum, the 3D Cinema…
Yet, I decided to do something a few people would have thought to. Few people meaning “the blessed ones that dance”. 

It all came to my mind during one of my lonely night walks. I was going back home from Woolloomooloo to Balgowlah, a long and magical way that includes a walk through the park, a ferry ride and a bus trip.
Just as I entered Hyde Park , with my CD-player banging music in my ears ­ I was stunned by the sight of the rounded water fountain that has a level grass circle and an amphitheatre around it. 

What had let me in awe was the perfect background, the sight of the cathedral all illuminated, the warm weather, the loneliness of the park.
It was then that the idea stuck in my mind and I knew it would not go away until I made it come true. I dreamt about it the whole night. 

In the morning it was the first thing on my mind, and the idea guided me during my daily tasks: getting changed I chose a pair of soft black pants, stretchy black tops, old black socks. The shoes didn’t matter; I would take them off.

I made sure I didn’t forget my CD player, the same CD I was listening to the day before, something to attach the CD player onto my body. 

Then I was ready; the difficult thing would be to wait until the night time. I worked as someone with the mind on the moon. Every chance I had during the day, I used to listen to the same music. Over and over again.
And finally I could go home. 

It was as if some god had blessed my idea.

I was gifted with a round, perfect, yellowish and big full moon, just above the cathedral.

As I got to the fountain I set my backpack on the steps, took my shoes off.

Then, I looked around me, to make sure that I was alone.

Next, I put my CD player and chose that music, I strapped my player onto my torso, with a tight belt bag. Then I danced. I left my body follow the rhythm, the drums, the voices, every and each sound. I drank of the liberty, I let my soul be filled with the beauty of the place, and delivered my movements to the universe.

I was one with Sydney, with its air, its lights, it’s night.

In this blessed place, the one city in the world I can say I love with all my heart.”

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