The Dancing Bug, the Virus and You 

You might be thinking as all addicts think:

‘Nawww, not me.’

Denying to the end.

Here is the proof you are a Latin Dance Addict, see if you identify yourself with this:

  1. You are singing the songs, even the ones in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indian, not having a clue what you are saying.
  2. You actually start to like salsa, bachata, merengue, zouk songs just to be listened to, even when you are driving. If you understand what they are saying, as I mostly do, it is even worse! You like the songs even knowing they are the tackiest of the tacky queens!
  3. If you cannot count anymore: you are counting 6 spoons of sugar for a recipe and you probably go: one, two, three, five, six, seven (and you get the impression there is something wrong about adding six spoons and ending with the number seven in your mind, but never mind, you just keep dancing while you cook). 
  4. The kitchen floor shows the results of your steps, the scratches are all over it.
  5. You know by heart all the music that you have in your mp3 player, CDs, Computer, etc.
  6. Worse if you know all the music that are NOT there, and you neeeed to have it, ASAP!
  7. There is no music of any kind that you don’t see yourself dancing …
  8. You may forget to put your clothes on but you will never forget your music player, you would feel naked without music.
  9. You are hooked on YouTube and Facebook, you click “yes, I’m coming” to 123 events on a weekend.
  10. In Facebook you can feel your heartbeat accelerates when a great new event appear online.
  11. On YouTube your “favourites” only have dance videos.
  12. You think that sweating is normal, more than that, it’s sexy.
  13. You collect bruises and show them around, obviously the histories of how they were acquired have to follow. 
  14. You never leave the house without a full change of clothes in your bag, and several pairs of dance shoes, obviously.
  15. When you hear the word “dancing” you think it’s with you, no matter if the talker is actually referring to dancing monkeys or trained fleas.
  16. By the middle of the word “Choreog…” both your hands are up and maybe one (or two) legs! Your smile is ridiculous by the way.
  17. When you are in a choreo, if the song is in English, parts of the lyrics of the song sneak into your vocabulary.
  18. You have THE GROUP, those friends that you met to dance with, from whom you might not know too much but you still know all that you need: they dance like you! And THE GROUP becomes a unit, that goes everywhere together.
  19. If you have been to a congress together, where one of you was found at least 50% of the total group was always found too.
  20. People are considering putting you away, because you listen to music every single spare minute that you have and you act funny as you do (there is no way not to mark the rhythm or move your head on that special beat, or sing, or dance…).
  21. You have visions of dancing in the rain, in the dry, in the park, on the beach, under the moonlight, under the sunlight, maybe under a tree also, or under the earth (the metro halls are specially inspiring), in the hall, at the Townhall, on the stairs (can’t you see a beautiful sequence with people dancing every two steps?) around a swimming pool, near a lake, on a hill, on top of those rocks, the list is limitless… 
  22. If you have thought: “Yep, that’s me” more than twice you are already doomed. You are addicted to dancing. Some say only doing one of these things, or thinking one of these thoughts, would be enough to be considered freakish. Don’t let any shrink put his or her eyes on you; they will commit you for sure! 

You ARE The SHOW, and it MUST go ON!

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