Simply Gerva, an Australian-Brazilian Romance

Simplesmente Gerva is my second self-published book at Amazon in Portuguese from Brasil. It is a fictional romance which was created in a very interesting way. I met another Brazilian writer and we decided, almost as a joke, to write a book in collaboration. The idea was that I would write a part and send to my co-author, then he would continue the story as he saw fit and send it back to me.

Capa Simplesmente Gerva

It took us months, I spent time in Brazil, then he moved to Perth, then he went to Brazil, I came back, and we kept writing.

We never knew what was going to happen, we had no plan for the story, what moved us forward was the character, Gerva. The end result was quite difficult to polish because of this structure but the writing was a great pleasure.

Unfortunately, it is not translatable, there are so many cultural references that it would become very strange if attempted in another Language.

Gerva is a typical Brazilian guy, with his forró dancing, his sensuality and flexibility in life. He meets a Brazilian muse and an Australian girl and with them lives many adventures.

I am in the process of writing the second book of the series, a continuation of this first story. Although my co-author lost interest in the project I am committed to the same process as observed in the first book: writing without knowing where the character will take me.

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A Multicultural Ghost, Fio da Meada

Fio da Meada is the first book I have published. It was the first time I got over the fear of putting my writing out there and self-published at Amazon in Portuguese from Brasil, my mother language.

Fio da Meada, Cover

The stories are about a ghost who finds himself following a woman in the Manly Ferry, in Sydney. This fiction is based on the stories I have collected from my grandfather’s real-life. He was unique, with many funny tales, he was someone who enriched his life — before mobile phones and even telephones — with pranks and imagination.

The strongest image I have of him is this handsome older man, poorly dressed, with shorts my grandmother had been begging to be thrown out for years; with the softest shirt with a couple of wholes. We are seated in the small fishing pier in front of our ranch, for hours in silence. I can smell fish scales and worms. He is like a statue looking at the tip of the fishing rod. When he gets tired he gets up, find a large rock and throw it in the water creating a large splash. He ruins the fishing for me and the others, father, sister, cousins; then he walks away laughing out loud while we scream at him.

vovo01  avos_0002.jpg

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Fio da Meada, um fantasma multicultural

Fio da Meada é minha primeira publicação, um livro eletrônico disponível na Amazon.

Fio da Meada, Cover

A principal personagem desse livro é um fantasma. Um homem que viveu e morreu e se encontra em uma nova existência pós-morte. Me disseram que ele é muito interessante, com suas lembranças de velhas traquinagens, e que consegui contar sua história num livro gostoso de ler, leve e divertido.
A aventura de escrever se torna mais intensa a cada dia, com meus pequenos passinhos vou galgando essa escadaria de realizar meus sonhos.
A decisão de publicar eletronicamente veio por ser a maneira mais moderna e eficiente que encontrei. Apesar de ser uma auto-publicação me dediquei para produzir um livro de qualidade. A revisão e a capa foram feitas por profissionais e passei um mês pesquisando intensamente para fazer a melhor formatação do arquivo especialmente para Kindle, o software da Amazon.
O Kindle pode ser obtido gratuitamente na Amazon para que se possa ler livros no computador, no telefone, ou no tablet. Há uma opção de baixar uma amostra do livro, as primeiras páginas para o leitor ver se gosta. Existe também o aparelho Kindle que é um leitor de livros eletrônicos muito leve e interessante.
Estive numa série de palestras no festival de escritores de Sydney e me diverti com o comentário de uma editora: “ler não é tão importante quanto comprar os livros, comprem livros! E, melhor ainda, se vocês não gostarem, eu lhes dou minha permissão para parar a leitura no meio!”
Portanto: comprem meu livro! Se gostarem, coloquem um comentário lá na Amazon.

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What do you Write?

Whenever I tell someone that writing is my passion they come up with the difficult question ‘what do you write?’.

‘I write letters in a blank page’ doesn’t really explain, does it?

What I do is creative writing, short stories, blogs or novels. No poetry, no journalistic pieces. I write fiction and non-fiction, although my non-fiction reads like fiction. I love writing with humour but I also get into deep depressing stories and tales, at times.

My main subjects are day-to-day adventures and relationships. I like romance.

I would probably say that there is an element of sensuality in my writing. I am an kinaesthetic person and movement of bodies attract me even in bi-dimensional black and white letters.

I write anything that inspires me.